Friday, August 5, 2016

Review: Open Road Summer by: Emery Lord

This book felt/feels like magic!! At several different spots throughout the book I was so amazed that I thought and still currently think that Emery Lord must have a special one-of-a kind enchanted word processor or maybe that she is just magic when it comes to putting words into sentences tjat are just absolutely magnificent!! See, if I knew how to put words together like her then y'all would understand just how much she has awed and wowed me but unfortunately I don't know enough adjectives and I don't have a way with words like she does but boy I wish I could explain just EXACTLY how I feel. This book was just so so so so amazing!!!
The friendships, the walls we each build. Reagan.... Yeah she is me in so many ways, yet different too. Dee is awesome and sweet and I loved her. Everyone needs a True friend like Dee! I totally ship Reagan and Matt. I was like FORGIVE HIM ALREADY!!!!!
I was so invested in this story that at one point my husband asks me what was wrong. My reply was "I'm reading". A little while longer it dawned on me that he asked and that I answered. I was like Wow I'm really into it of my face gives me away AND HE NOTICED!
I don't know how she writes such amazing books but man does she. Her newest book When We Collided is the only one I haven't read yet which I am rectifying ASAP. She is an author that I MUST PREORDER EVERY BOOK!!! I will never get enough of THE EMERY LORD MAGIC!!!

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