Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TV Tuesday: Recap of season 1 of iZombie

iZombie is the first television show that I've watched that's about zombies. They never held much appeal to me but surprisingly when I started watching the show iZombie starring Rose McIver as Liv I quickly became hooked. I think one of the reasons I enjoy this show so much is because it's not just about eating human brains. Each of the characters has their own bigger purpose to the overall story and watching it unfold during season 1 was exciting. The character of Liv kind of reminds me of a zombie Veronica Mars character but with visions from various murder victims who end up in the morgue where Liv works. Each of the episodes had its own subplot that played some part in the whole Max Rager storyline which was the basis of season 1.
Another reason I became hooked on iZombie is because of how well each actor on the show plays their characters. I found myself really rooting for these made up people. I should also point out that David Anders as Blaine, the villain of season one was so perfectly cast. He really has the bad guy character down pat and every scene between the characters Blaine and Liv is perfect.
The season finale cliffhanger left me wanting to know what happens in the season premiere of season 2 but it's not on Netflix yet but as soon as it is I'll have a recap of season two! I will say that you might need a tissue or two during a few of the episodes though.

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