Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Bachelorette episode 4 recap

In the continuation of Monday's episode we saw Chad's obvious anger management issues kick up several notches. I've seen some bad behavior from past contestants but Chad may be the worst of them all. Threatening that you'll find someone after the show is over is not cool. But neither is purposely pushing Chad's buttons when he's clearly unstable.
I continue to be less than impressed by most of the guys. They all seem more focused on this drama with Chad than they are with Jojo which is the whole reason they're even on the show. Every single guy in the house needs to man up and stop acting like whiny bitches if they want to earn Jojo's love.
The award for the creepiest whistle in the history of whistling goes to Chad. If I was the guys in the house I'd be real scared of what he's going to do next. I was a little disappointed that Ali was sent home but honestly not surprised because he didn't make much of an effort to get to know Jojo at all.

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