Monday, May 23, 2016

Why researching publishers is important

I'm sure there are countless people out there in the world who've had bad experiences with people who pass themselves off as publishers. I'm one of those people. I was first introduced to Giovanni Gelati (I recently found out that's not even his real name) when I was asked by an author if I would be interested in doing a spot on his Blog Talk show. Almost immediately after I did the show he offered me a contract with Trestle Press, which he said he owned. The fact that he offered me a contract without even reading anything I had wrote should have been a huge red flag but I was just excited that my book was going to be published.

It wasn't long before I started hearing about how other authors were having problems with this man and there were rumors of him not paying for the stock images he used to create the book covers. Shortly after discovering this and earning next to nothing from the sales of my book I came to the decision that it would be better for me to ask to be let out of my "contract". Thankfully he let me out of it without any problems but he was still out there preying on other authors who, like me, overlooked any doubts they had because they were just so happy to be a published author.

I recently discovered that not only was he using a fake name but he was convicted of fraud and ordered to pay back a large sum of money to the authors he defrauded. Unfortunately I wasn't one of those authors but I've learned my lesson. It's much better to know who you're potentially going to be working with which is why researching all publishers, editors, agents, etc. is necessary. There are horrible people out there who won't hesitate to take advantage of you.

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