Saturday, May 21, 2016

Survey for German readers

Hey Everyone,

I’m super happy that Tanya offered me to spread word about a survey I’m doing! Thank you so much, Tanya!!

You all might know the book crates (like Owl Crate or Illumicrate) you can subscribe to? For German readers the shipping costs are super high, so I thought maybe one could offer such a book crate in Germany, too. To see if readers are interested in it I’m trying to get word out about it to German readers and started a survey.  

If you’re a German reader, it would be awesome if you could participate in the following survey:
It doesn’t take long and would help me a lot, even if you’re not interested in such a book crate ;-)!

If you’re not a German reader, maybe you could spread word about it, anyway? That would be awesome :-)!

Thanks again, Tanya! And thanks to everyone else participating in my survey and spreading word about it :-)!

PD. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them either on Twitter (@DreamingLibrary) or on my blog (!

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