Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Recap of The Bachelorette season premiere

The last time we saw Jojo was on the last season of The Bachelor. Now she's back as The Bachelorette for her chance at finding love. Based on first impressions, most of the guys seemed average but there were a few who stood out to me. The men who I think might have a chance at being the guy who gets the final rose are Luke, Jordan, and Ali. They seemed like the most genuine men there.

On the other hand we have Daniel and Chad. These two are in a class of their own and not necessarily a good class. Daniel came across as a total party boy who clearly doesn't know when to stop drinking. If I was Jojo I would have sent him home the first night. Chad's a different story. He seemed nice enough at first but then he started bad mouthing all of the other men and from the clips they showed from upcoming episodes from this season Chad has some serious anger issues. Oh, and can't forget about one of the guys named James (speaking of guys named James, did the casting directors purposely choose multiple men named James on purpose?) who came across as way more interested in a photo op with Chris Harrison than being there for Jojo. She also appeared to be underwhelmed by the men who were chosen for her during the meet and greet part of the evening so I was fairly happy when she had some one on one time with Jordan because they make an adorable couple and I can tell he's really there for Jojo.

When former Bachelor Jake showed up I thought for sure that he was there to compete to win Jojo's heart but he was just there to give her some advice and friendly support. If Jake had been there for Jojo it certainly would have made things so much more interesting in my opinion.

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